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Cyber Security, What is It?

Think of “Cyber Security” as protection FROM the Internet

Because our computers, laptops, tablets, and SMART phones are connected to the Internet, this makes our devices extremely vulnerable to Cyber attacks.  Traditional protections like firewalls and anti-virus software alone cannot fully protect you.  Cyber Security goes way beyond the traditional tools by detecting and protecting devices and systems from ‘suspicious behavior’.

Imagine it’s 3am, there is a successful login to your company email account from a location where you have never been.  With traditional protection, hackers gain full access to your email account.  But with Cyber Security Protection, a login from an uncommon location, and at an odd hour would be marked as ‘suspicious’, sending alerts to our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center for more analysis, then blocking this session if harmful activity is detected.

NTG Cyber Security Protection

Nothing is 100%

but isn’t it much better to have an ‘early warning system’ on your side that detects problems, contains threats, and stops bad behavior in its tracks?  And if there is a compromise, to greatly reduce the time the hacker has access to your data?

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helping you to protect your business from the cyber threats we all face when using the Internet

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Did you know?  Hackers Love your firewalls and anti-virus software