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Managed Service


Cloud Computing

Cloud technology has come a long way. Your company website is already in the Cloud, you may have already moved your email to the Cloud. Now your physical servers should be in the Cloud.

Cloud providers like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have Cloud platforms that allow you to replicate your physical onsite servers, the servers in your server room or data closet, into virtual software servers in the Cloud. Amazing!

When you move to the cloud, it pays off!

Slash Capital Expenditures
Increase Uptime
Establish Business Continuity

Business VoIP

No matter your organization’s size, the right telephone system can help you project a professional image once only available to large organizations.

With so many telephone systems available, how do you choose?  Most new telephone systems have many of the same features, but there are some ‘infamous’ features that you should avoid:

Support/Maintenance Fees: be aware of annual software maintenance fees. If there is ever an issue with your system, you may be required to bring your maintenance fees current before your system can be serviced

Vendor Lock-In: if you later decide you would like a fancier phone or some new feature, you may be forced into an expensive upgrade or a ‘bigger’ system

Feature Upgrades: vendors will list many features but may not reveal that some require an extra fee to ‘activate’

Avoid the gotchas with a NTG VoIP solution.

Manage WIFI System

A Managed WIFI system allows your wireless access points work as one system, all managed from a single place.  The system can grow and expand across multiple locations while still being managed on a single platform.

All wireless devices are not created equal, small businesses need WIFI that can support policies like Bring Your Own Device, and bandwidth intensive downloads.

Unfortunately, an organization may realize a bit too late that home grade devices begin to fail to work when too many users access the wireless simultaneously, requiring the wireless to be rebooted. These devices often lack the stability and reliability needed in a business environment.

Your business needs a Managed WiFi System

Did you know?  Hackers Love your firewalls and anti-virus software