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Managed Services

Cloud Computing

Your website is in the Cloud, most likely your email and your files as well.  It’s now time to move your servers to the Cloud.

Cloud providers have made it much easier to replicate your physical onsite servers into software servers that live in the Cloud.

When onsite servers are converted to the Cloud, you:

  • Slash Capital Expenditures
  • Increase Uptime
  • Establish the Foudation for Business Continuity

Managed networking

Managed networking is a game changer for your organization.  It  ensures a more stable and reliable network connection.

With enhanced security measures, it protects against unauthorized access and potential cyber threats.

The ability to remotely manage and configure settings simplifies maintenance, troubleshooting,  and reduces downtime.  Additionally, managed networking offers scalability to accommodate growth.

Secure remote Access

Experience a safer way to remotely connect to your company data with Zero Trust Remote Access.

Our approach puts security at the forefront by verifying every user and device before accessing your network.

Enjoy the flexibility to connect from anywhere, knowing your data is shielded. Unauthorized access is a thing of the past.

Get the remote access protection not offered by traditional security solutions with Zero Trust.

Business VoIP

Elevate your organization’s business collaboration with our voice over IP solution.

Enhance flexibility by transitioning to a cloud-based phone system. Enjoy seamless connectivity across different devices.  Benefit from advanced features such as auto-attendants, call routing, voicemail-to-email, video, chat and more.

Our systems scale and adapt as your business grows.  Simplify management and reduce maintenance costs while ensuring a reliable and feature-rich communication experience.

Upgrade your business communication with a NTG voice over IP solution.

Dual Internet

Benefit from uninterrupted connectivity with our dual Internet solution. By maintaining two our more separate connections, we can help ensure continuous online access, minimizing disruptions and optimizing productivity for your business.

This redundancy feature acts as aninstant failover mechanism, providing reliability and peace of mind.

Say goodbye to downtime when a single internet conection goes down. Experience faster speeds and more reliable Internet access.

Did you know?  Hackers Love your firewalls and anti-virus software